Pirate Codex

People seem to have the wrong idea around piracy

I think there's a lot of garbage sites out there and lots of corporate propaganda against piracy that make it more difficult for people not as versed in piracy to traverse through things.

Bitcoin mining scrips, malware or phising scams are everywhere, so I think I will share with you folks what sites I use and what has worked for me.

Anime/Movies/TV Show

Tinyzonetv.to | Site where you can stream movies & tv shows, no login scams just search for what you want to watch & enjoy! I'd recommend an adblocker tho

Animevibe.wtf | Minimalistic website where you can find both subs and dubs for a lot of anime shows.


eBook Search | A google search engine that looks for ebooks online, have found lots of my books for college this way!

Readcomicsonline.ru | a site where you can read tons of comics!

Readm.org | read manga, very nice interface!


CDRomance | a website that has thousands of older games, everything from SNES to PS2. Also often has roms that are pre-patched with hacks like english translations and undubs

Vimm's Vault | typical romsite, very useable and also has stuff like N64, Gamecube, Wii, PS3 and so on

edgeemu.net | simple romsite but it just works

Darksoftware | Switch game files for hacked switches, forum account required but reliable site!

Fitgirl Repacks | Fitgirl packages PC games into easy installers

SteamUnlocked | DRM-free Steam games, just download, extract and play!

Last Updated: October 23rd, 2021