Dowgrade to Web 1.0

As is the subtitle of this entire website, this whole website was born out of a desire to have my own place on the world wide web.

I believe I stumbled upon this idea while browsing stuff about geocities and noticed people on Mastodon, pointing out neocities as a modern alternative which lead me down the rabbit hole of and her yesterweb initiative.

Being someone already using linux and mastodon because of a distaste for what modern companies think about the concept of freedom and privacy it dawned on me that they have also taken away something else, creativity, self-expression and ownership.

Back in the internet days of yore, the ancient times by todays standards there were spaces you could call your own, there were exciting things to venture.

I remember hosting my own website dedicated to pokemon back in the day. I had my own blog, people were on their own spaces but also communicating and sharing via chats or forums.

Things like the algorithm ladden search engines and just the dominance of social media sites on the web has created this bubble that people live in and I myself am quite sick of it.

i dont want the vestiges of what made the internet great to be gone to corporation's idea of what the internet should be which seems to be comprised of an endless loop of data-gathering and targeted advertisement.

Social media sites and frankly a lot of sites in general exist only as the hamster wheel that keeps that churning along.

Theres good things to be said about the expression on some of these sites but its still boxed in to what corporations want it to be, your profile isnt your own its a neat lil box for you to be confined in.

This site is my home, my home page. It's on a server but its backed up and i can move it to another server or self-host if i'd need to. This space is mine.

A digital home for the digital soul, soothing the true self.